My Story

All About Lauren 

I'm just a city girl living in a small town world. I've loved fashion for as long as I can remember and have always delighted in styling outfits for my friends and family, whether they liked it or not. I always associated fashion with shopping, great accessories and adjusting the current trend to my liking. As I got older, I realized I could make something out of my passion and carried it into college as a merchandising major. In my mid-20's I pursued everything I could find in the fashion industry and landed an internship that fueled my passion to this day. 

I've always known that at some point I would launch my own fashion business -  I've been waiting for the time to be right to pave my own path. As a wife and mother of three, as busy as that can get with school, sports and everything in-between, that time is now.

My deep love of fashion and styling has finally arrived. I was made for this, and I want to help women be confident and stylish in their own unique ways. Why just fit in when you were born to stand out? Hello!

XOXO ~ Lauren

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Our Mission 

Every new relationship starts with "Hello". It is my desire to create collections by taking the simplest looks and elevating them through accessories and styling. Any women can wear anything; it's all in how you wear it. 

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