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Katie Kismet

Slate Bolo

Slate Bolo

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Though it looks just like slate, this bolo is glass. When fired at a lower temperature the minerals in this glass lend it this unique effect. From weddings to happy hours to backyard BBQs, the Slate Bolo is versatile. But if your look leans casual, this is definitely the one for you. How to Wear The original way to wear a bolo is like a necktie: under a collar with the ornament pulled up close to the neck. For a relaxed look, wear it like a necklace: loosened up, with or without a collar.  Specifications Glass: 1.25" wide x 1.7" tall (some handmade variation) Tips: 44mm sterling silver (last image, left) or white brass (last image, right) Cord: 38” 3mm black leather or black cork cord (vegan)

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